Thursday, May 04, 2006

What's So Magical?

Jesse broke 20 minutes last weekend at the Donate Life 5K, 19:46! He whipped that challenge. Let's see what he can do this weekend at the Lutheran High School 5K.

Two of my CA Cruiser friends, Kitty and Margaret, are on their way to Canada for the Vancouver Marathon. Send Kitty and Margaret all the good vibes you can muster up. Kitty never stops smiling. She's also coming up to Seafair to run the half in July.

I'm smack dab in the middle of my 18 week marathon training program. I've used this program before for the long run progression but never for the midweek miles and for what ever reason, I've never actually been able to start at week #1 and proceed right on through the entire schedule. I like this schedule for a couple of reasons: 1) there are three 20+ milers, 2) the long runs are separated by a medium distance and a short distance week, and 3) the last long run is 4 weeks before the marathon.

The midweek mileage this week had me puzzled. 5 miles Tuesday, 7 miles Wednesday, and 6 miles Thursday. Seems like an odd progression for some reason. Maybe just because it's different. From the beginning of the schedule the midweeks have been 6-8-6. Why the change this week? The obvious answer is because it follows the 20 mile run. But what's so magical? What would be the effect of switching them around, or adding a mile or two each day, or subtracting a mile or two? I played it safe (that's just me) and did exactly what the schedule called for.

From the advice I got last week I really want to try to increase my mileage a little to assure I break that 4 hour mark at Seafair. The other thing I got going on this weekend is the third race of the 5K series. I have no idea how that's going to go. My focus has been the marathon. Last week I skipped my speedwork Tuesday because of the cold. In fact I didn't run at all. I didn't want to do it then Thursday, two days before the long run. And this week I didn't do any figuring I needed to save any speed I've got for the race. I'm still hoping to break 22:00. What effect is the 5-7-6 going to have on this. I don't know. It's easier to just run and not think about these things. But on the other hand if I don't think about them, then I'll never achieve my goals. In the end, the marathon training is right on track and the 5K will just have to be whatever its going be.

Finally I concluded that there really is nothing magical about the 5-7-6 progression. The important thing is just getting out there and putting in the miles. Mission accomplished, no hocus pocus required.


PLANET3RRY said...

Your mid week runs, what type of workout are you doing? Easy, Tempo, Interval, etc.

Seems like a lot of mileage all together for those 3 days. I'm not saying that it's not effective... it just seems alot to have them back-to-back for those lower-mid mileage range.

Good luck on the 5k... We definitely run about the ran speed. My 5k PR is 21:56 from a few years ago... go out strong and finish fast! YOU CAN DO IT!

Darrell said...

Tues. runs usually include speedwork at a local track. The other runs are pretty much just get out and do it. I may take the longer one a little slower and try to do the shorter one at tempo pace.

Donald said...

You answered your own question - the main idea is just to get mileage on your legs. The specific totals from each day don't matter too much for those in-between days. Just keep consistent with the long runs and speed work, and keep inching your mileage upward.

P.S. Sorry...when is your marathon?

angie's pink fuzzy said...

what a great post :)

I like the end: mission accomplished, no hocus pocus

Robb said...

First, congrats to Jesse. He's fast. He should be really happy with that effort.

I heard someone say that you can't fret about 'missed miles' or skipped training runs. I struggle with that...sounds like you do too. Hard to let go of that one. At any rate, I hope you get past your cold and crack the 22 minute mark in that 5 K race. You deserve it.

Keep up the good work Darrell.

Anonymous said...

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