Sunday, August 20, 2006


Hey, thanks for all the birthday wishes but I feel as if I've led you all astray. I mentioned my birthday last post only in relationship to the monetary gifts from my relatives. My actual birthday was back on July 11, 2 days after the Seafair Marathon. The checks had been sitting on my desk, in my stack, for the last month waiting for just the right moment to spend them.

I always hesitate to cash the checks without having a specific purpose in mind. If I deposit them into our account, the funds seem to get swallowed up in the every day expenses of life, likely as groceries, gas, or towards the insanely out of whack electric bill of the summer. If I cash the checks and carry the cash around in my wallet it just ends up disappearing as well, likely on unplanned lunches. You know the "Hey what are you doing for lunch today, we were thinking of going to _____". If there's money in the wallet I'm more likely to save the brownbag for another day.

I figure it's my birthday money, I should get to spend it on me and on something more substantial than food or gas. My tactic then is to just hold onto the checks until just the right moment. My mother-in-law has been inquiring of (read bugging) my wife for the last couple of weeks about why her check hasn't cleared yet. The Chick's Sporting Goods Tent Sale finally seemed like the right opportunity.

After purchasing the shoes, which were Adrenaline GTS 6 not 5 (Disclaimer #2), I still had about $30 bucks left. A week later and I've ended up paying for parking and coffee out of that. What the heck I might even go out to lunch next week. Chipotle anybody?

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