Thursday, August 24, 2006

On the Watch Again

My midweek run with the watch went amazingly well. I went over to Bonelli, yet again, for the 6 mile loop. I hit the watch as I crossed over the freeway on my way into the park and never looked again until I crossed back over the freeway on my way out. I ran feeling like I was putting forth a pretty hard effort, but a sustainable effort. I was pleasantly surprised with a 50:11 finish. This is nearly 1:30 better than my best time on the same route. I guess a couple of weeks of lower intensity was a decent idea.

Wednesday Bryan joined me again on the bike for another 6 mile loop in Bonelli. With Bryan along our route is varied so times are not as meaningful.

Thursday was back over to the Walnut Equestrian Trail (my new Thursday night rut). My pace was a little off normal. I cut my run a mile short, to 7 miles in 1:06.

My left hip has been bugging me pretty badly since the end of last week. I've been trying to convince myself I've just messed up the muscles from my odd gait brought on by the blister of the career. I doesn't hurt or bother me much while running, but it is very noticeable sitting or standing still. I guess I should just keep moving. After tonight's run the pain seems to have radiated up my back and down into my thigh as well. I really hope its just muscular, but I can't help but think of Anne's injury.

Probably the logical thing to do is to take it easy or even completely rest for a couple of days to see if it gets better. I'm such a slave to the schedule that I really hate to do that. Especially since I'm just getting used to the new 6 day schedule (week 4) and finally having hit the big 50 mile mark. With just over 6 weeks to the next marathon, rest is probably the best option. But it is also the hardest choice to make. Rest means lower mileage, which some how feels like failure. Crazy I know, but I also know that you can all relate.


Wes said...

Iron Wil over at Through th3 Wall had a similar problem with her hip, and everyone seemed to think it was the IBL(?) muscle. She had to cut her running way back for a week or so to give it time to heal, and everything seems fine now. She made up for it by riding the bike and swimming.

50 miles in a week is pretty amazing to me. You ROCK!

PLANET3RRY said...

With just over 6 weeks to the next marathon, rest is probably the best option. But it is also the hardest choice to make. Rest means lower mileage, which some how feels like failure. Crazy I know, but I also know that you can all relate.

It may "feel" like it but it's not. It's a smart move... if you keep your mileage up and don't heal... what's race day going to be like? DNF? or worse DNS?

You have plenty of time to back off a little right now on your mileage without degrading what you have done so far.

Make it your point-of-view that resting is not failure but a springboard to success.

DREW said...

My $.02. As a general rule, if something is painful before or after a run, but doesn't bother me much when running, I keep running. If something is painful while I run and gets no better or gets worse as I run, I rest.

You said this hip pain doesn't bother you much when you run. If you're not in extreme pain before or after running, I would keep going. I have found that tendon/ligament pain gets worse during a run, and never gets better unless rest is involved, whereas muscle or even nerve weirdness (my back) seems to get better with continued exercise. Assess the pain a mile or so into your run after you're warmed up. If it isn't bothering you then, I'd keep going. I seldom feel 100% and often feel crappy and sore before or after a run. If I listened to my body too much at those times, I wouldn't get anywhere. You're in a building phase and you're working hard at stepping things up a notch or two. My motto during these times is keep going until something stops me DURING my run. You're pushing, and your body is reacting to this higher mileage. To quote someone (maybe Jeff?) this pain may be weakness leaving your body.

rice said...

I had a hard time taking some rest days now I can't get out of them.. Its all black and white..



angie's pink fuzzy said...

planet3erry's right: dnf or dns???

heal up and take it easy, knowing you are not failing - you are taking the best course of action to help you succeed. been to the dr yet?

~gnatty~ said...

hey darrell, looks like your training is going really well. i like the idea of starting the watch but not looking until the end of the run. way to go on 4 weeks of 6 days of running.

~gnatty~ said...

ooops, i missed the phrase "pretty badly" describing your hip pain... ouch! hopefully it will heal quickly once you take it easy.

Robb said...

I sometimes suffer with bits of hip and lower back pain from an old injury. It's something that I always tune it to and probably holds me back from pushing really hard. planet3terry makes an excellent point Darrell - a little rest will be good. You are moving into new territory with higher mileage so you want to be sure the old 45 year old bones can take it.
In the same breath, congrats on the 50 mile mark...and 6 days a week. That's intense.

Hey, you asked me about my 'purple''s something that I'll never forget because it was so funny back then. I'm still using them in rotation with the orange babys!

Have a great weekend.

Juls said...

Take care of that hip.