Sunday, August 13, 2006

Made it through Week 2

Here I go again. Always counting up and down. I made it through my 2nd week of 6 running days, only 8 more weeks to go before St. George. Week 7 and 10 I get Fridays off again. I've been frustrated with the dead legs and slower times since SEAFAIR. I tried a little experiment this week and left the watch at home. I just went out for the prescribed number of miles, taking it slow (I think) and easy (for sure) and just enjoying moving forward.

Saturday I wore the watch but apparently forgot how to use it, but pulled off an 8:41 pace. Joe commented: "You casually mention "an 8:41 pace" here Darrell...that's not a simple, throw away line!! Good for you, that is clear indication your legs are coming back. Looks like the no-watch strategy may have helped them to recover." I guess that's true. Yesterday's sentence doesn't begin to describe how good I felt about my running that day and how much better my legs felt afterward. The cooler weather was probably a big contributing factor. Having such a great pacer, the Amazing Hip, along to keep me moving forward at a respectable pace was a definite advantage too. 15 is a nice medium to long run, the real test will be my 20 miler next weekend. I've planned what I think will be a fun run close to home since most of the Cruisers are racing 5 or 10 miles next weekend in Huntington Beach.

Sunday morning I went over to Bonelli for the hills on the south side of the park. Have I mentioned how much I enjoy this little 5 mile loop? Probably too many times, sorry. It just seems to be the perfect way to wrap up the week. Soon after I started I heard coyotes howling down below. Sure enough as I came around that part of the loop there were 2 of them standing in the trail. The skittered off, but not as quickly as I would have liked them to. I realized that even though they weigh 50 lbs or so, they make almost no noise scooting into the underbrush. The rabbits on the other hand, at about 5 lbs make a real ruckus. This realization didn't make me feel too great about coyotes. I just hoped I was too big to be considered breakfast!

I made it back home before the rest of the family was even awake. I started breakfast and soon the kitchen was full of my favorite sounds and smells: coffee, sausage and pancakes. I had a CD in the stereo and was just loving life. It was about as perfect as a Sunday morning can get. Then I woke up the family, HA! Getting everybody to the table, in the shower and out the door to church is never exactly a stress free couple of hours.

Yesterday Bryan had asked if we could go for a bike ride over the Santa Fe Dam. You bet I jumped on that one. We went today and rode about 8 miles and he was ready to be done. He said he didn't really like it because it was too flat. I really thought he'd like the flat since he dislikes having to go uphill. But, as much as he dislikes the uphills, he really loves the downhills. Good times anyway.

Weekly summary:
  • 6 days of running
  • 46.5 miles (this is the 2nd time I've hit that milestone, the first was also on 6 days when I was camping in Carpinteria in May.)
  • 8 weeks to go for state #7. I've got to start thinking about number 8. A guy's got to have a plan.


Mike said...

Nice stats Darrell- consistently running 6 days a week will definitely make you much stronger! Hats off to you with all of the running and racing- and already thinking of #8 before you've done #7!?! You're a monster! ;-)

matt said...

great week, buddy! you have the drive again, don't you? :)

i love the relationsip you have with bryan...that is so awesome that he asks to ride with you like that. you're a great dad, darrell!

Donald said...

You said it best - a perfect Sunday morning.

Wes said...

Just don't get yourself in a hurry. It'll come. I'd trade tired legs for 46.5 miles :-) I'm gonna have to pick out some more places to run around here. Sounds like you've got some really good ones.