Thursday, August 03, 2006

The New LA Marathon

On Monday the Los Angeles Marathon announced a new point to point course. It will start at Universal Studios and finish at the same place it used to. The last 5 miles are roughly what used to be the first 5 miles. The whole newness factor got me a little excited about this race. It is afterall my hometown marathon and the reason I started running in the first place. I've run it twice and swore never to run it again after the second one. Of the 8 marathons I've done, it is the one I enjoyed the least. I suppose since it is my hometown race, I should run it every year until I conquer it. They also updated their website with a whole new look. It had been the same since at least 2003. It looks pretty nice, I think.

I was discussing the possibility of running it in 2007 with my wife and she brought me back down to earth. "What other races do you have planned for next year?" she asked. At first I couldn't think of anything yet, 2007 is a wide open slate. The only thing I know we have planned is a fall cruise of New England with two other couples. That is going to take a major chunk out of the vacation budget in 2007. I can't believe I actually agreed to a vacation that doesn't involve running. I'm sure I'll find a way to slip it in somewhere.

I finally remembered my hope to add Oregon to my list by running the inaugural Eugene Marathon. I quickly checked the date - April 29, just one week before LA on March 4. It's one or the other. I also remembered my plan to ride the LA Acura Bike Tour with my youngest son and volunteer again. To early to tell, but Eugene is my preference. I'd better start saving my pennies (and $'s)!

I was also considering running Big Sur, especially since most of the Cruisers are on board for 2007 (their idea, not mine). BSIM is the same weekend, the same day even, as Eugene. So many really cool races, so little time.

The Cruiser's are hoping to put together a couple of relay teams for the Inaugural Inland Empire Marathon on December 2, 2006. That one will be a relative piece of cake to pull off. Close to home and only 6 to 8 miles to run. I have a few other ideas in the back of my head and nothing is set in stone yet. LA and my wife just got me thinking that's all.

As far as my training goes, 20 degrees cooler makes a world of difference. I put in 6 miles on Tuesday over at the Santa Fe Dam, 6 miles on Wednesday at Bonelli accompanied by Bryan on the bike. Tonight I put in 8 miles over on the equestrian trails in Walnut, CA. Last week my legs felt dead. The cooler weather has brought them back to life, or at least lightened them up a little. I'm going to get up and run 5 tomorrow before work.

If you don't already read Joe - Run with Perseverance you should stop by. Joe was asking about marathon pace and I'm sure we could all offer some advice.

I'm looking forward to this weekends run at Aliso Woods. I've enjoyed reading about it on Jessica's blog "My Southern California Trail Running" She takes some great pictures of the places she's run and I'm looking forward to seeing and running Aliso Woods first hand.

Have a great Friday and put in some awesome miles this weekend.


PLANET3RRY said...

I suppose since it is my hometown race

Why not volunteer to help on the course... it will be totally exciting as running it!!! Trust me!

Lisa said...

We'll be sure to get a ship with a track. Or you can do a marathon the week prior and this can be your rest week...

Donald said...

Wow. I hadn't heard about the course change. My initial reaction is that I don't like it, but maybe it will grow on me.

I wish they'd just settle on something - I've done LA 4 times, with three different courses!

I know what you're saying about the hometown thing. LA was my first marathon, too, and at the time that was my hometown. I still have fond feelings for that race even though there are many others I'd rather do. I'll be back there sometime, I'm sure.

Sorry you're going to miss Big Sur. I'll pencil you in for 2008.

Joe said...

One of the fun parts of running, I find Darrell, is laying out the calendar. Thanks for doing yours in public.

And thanks for the mention of my navel-gazing on my marathon pace...I apprecaite the input from Donald, you and others!

angie's pink fuzzy said...

what fun! Planning is always exciting. I like planet3rry's idea to volunteer the LA marathon. Then do the Eugene one!

matt said...

hey, if you decide to run LA next year...i will run it with

Wes said...

Tough decision, I think. LOL. I'm scared to sign up for the Atlanta Marathon 2007 :-) But I got the itch. Oh, yea...

Mike said...

Hey Darrell, I did LA several times too...not a big fan of the course or the CROWDS!!
I definitely prefer the smaller races.

Cooler temps- YEAH!!

Rae said...

I agree! It is so hard to pick races sometimes! I wish I was like Dean K and could run a marathon, afford to pay for the travel, and have the time to train 24 x 7!

DREW said...

Read your post yesterday and it has sent me into a 24-hour-long Vertigo-like spiral of reconsideration and turmoil. Kind of.

First, yes I had crossed Denver off my list, temporarily, because of money issues. I also committed to doing a marathon with my father-in-law. He has relatives in Las Vegas, so that was a possibility, but we reconsidered and settled on CIM in Sacramento because it's about half-way between my house and his and because, and this was the primary consideration, it wasn't Las Vegas. The marathon there was great, but the city can to go h311 (if it wasn't already obvious that that's exactly where it currently sits).

What could be better than a fast marathon half-way between Santa Barbara and my father-in-law's house. How 'bout a marathon in my father-in-law's home town, Eugene!

So now we have to decide whether to do the marathon in December (Sacramento) or in April. He's been training for December, but may (or may not) reconsider.

To make things even more interesting, BSIM has been locked in on my radar forever because this year it falls on my birthday. That's right, Eugene (where my family lives) and BSIM are now both on my birthday. I have stated flat out that I WILL RUN the Big Sur Marathon this year to many, including BSIM's (un)official spokes-blogger Donald.

Hmmm, BSIM starts at 6:45 and Eugene starts at 7:30. Think I can do both?