Sunday, July 27, 2008


First off, let me say how much appreciate all the comments and concerns on my comeback. It is very cool to know that there is this great community of people out there keeping tabs on the progress. I really am trying to play this round of training smart and cautious.

The schedule I've chosen is based on the schedule for my first marathon back in 2004. I prepared for that one with a local running group. The buildup assumed a limited base and no prior marathon experience. I figured starting back at "square one" was a wise idea considering the three months off and increased likelihood of reinjury if I took things too fast. As added assurance I took the original plan at 5 days a week and modified it to only 4 days a week. This modification will keep my weekly mileage on the low side throughout the cycle. My highest mileage week will only be 34 miles. Low mileage by any traditional plan, but the goal here is to finish state 13 healthy and able to run 37 more some time in the future.

I've had my heart set on running the Memphis St Jude Marathon in December. Clearance to run again in June coincided perfectly with the 26 week beginner plan to get me there. When I got started I had no idea if I would get there and it's still not guaranteed, but I had to have a plan. When it comes to running, I am a stickler for the plan. Once I've committed it to paper I do everything in my power to get there.

This week, week 8 of the plan, was somewhat of a milestone week. I ran a long run of 10 miles for the first time and had weekly mileage of 20! I'm happy to report that the 10 miler went smoothly and my leg actually feels better than it has in awhile (knock on wood!).

I ran Jesse's Loop with the CA Cruisers. We met at Hillcrest Park and then ran all over God's green acre, Fullerton. I used an 8:1 run:walk technique. That pace kept me in the middle group. Thankfully the lead group would stop periodically to regroup. This route has many twists and turns. We ran on roads, trails, through a tunnel, down an abandoned railway, and around a lake. Finally returning to the park. I used my watch only to track the running and walking segments.

The rest of the week:

M - upper body workout with the personal trainer
T - 4 miles - Bonelli picnic loop 2x +
W - Yoga
H - upper body work and 3 miles on the equestrian trail in VV.
F - Rest
S- 10 miles - Jesse's Loop
S - 3 miles - out the front door for 15 minutes and back again

Total miles = 20.

Later today I will hit the gym again. Tomorrow the personal trainer will give my legs a work out. I'm still seeing the physical therapists but have cut that down to once a week after consulting with them on my progress. The next few weeks will alternate between step back weeks and slowly ramping things up. Let's see how it goes.


Joe said...

All positive, Darrell. You are a goal oriented guy. and you have plenty of experience to go with the drive.

Your plan sure sounds good. Better yet the improved leg feeling. That is really cool.

I was yacking with my wife about Memphis earlier today...glad you are boring Lisa similarly :-)

Persevere, my friend, persevere!!!

PS I just figured out your blog title ain't about August 10!!

Anne said...

That's a nice progression. Nice...and smart. Stay the course!

Bob Gentile said...

Looks like a smart plan, good luck with it!!

Sarah said...

Sounds like you have a great plan and a great support network too!

Backofpack said...

It's great to read about your comeback, and that you are being so wise about it! Good for you. The modified plan sounds perfect for getting you there in a healthy and injury free state. Yay!

Ryan said...

Sounds like a solid starting point....once again it's great to hear ur back on the roads/trails running. Run on!

Randy - Maniac #788 said...

Darrell, thanks for stopping by my blog today...after my knee issues late last year and early into this year I've just not had the desire to blog least until some local folks that I didn't even know were reading my blog mentioned that they noticed I was blogging much at I'm back..thanks for your words...and encouragement

Legs and Wings said...

Starting again is not so's the commitment to keep at it that’s always tough for me. You’ve got a great attitude Darrell. Set your face like flint buddy. And, congratulations on the 10 mile run. That’s got to feel real good.

scott keeps running said...

you're going to rock the socks off of your running before you know it. 20 miles does feel good after a long layoff. :)