Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Rolling Along

Last week went off pretty much without a hitch as far as running goes. I stuck to the schedule pretty much as written. This was my third week with four runs and I still haven't broken 20 miles for the week. I did move Tuesday's 3 miler to Wednesday to accommodate Mexican food with friends on Tuesday.

The shin continues to hold up. There is sometimes a soreness in the calf muscle near the bone. It is less severe than before and somewhat lower on the leg. It comes and goes. I'm attributing many of the little aches and pains to re-entry into the running mode. The sensation, I don't want to call it a pain, comes on during the jumping exercises I do at the physical therapy as well. They seem to be somewhat at a loss on how to make it go away completely. I will continue to run, carefully and wisely. But I do have to admit that the intermittent aches and pains are wearing on me mentally. Whatever!

The week went down like this:

Wed - 3 miles Via Verde equestrian trail (after Yoga class)
Thurs - 3 miles on my part of my old standard 5 mile loop on the Bonelli trails - that run was fun but boy was I slow (have I said this before, 8-))
Sat - 9 miles over on the Santa Fe Dam River Trail - The CA Cruiser ran the Newport Back Bay. That run is 11+ miles and I didn't want to push things. I'm sure they enjoyed a nicer view. I did see several other runners, tons of cyclists and even 3 guys on roller blades. I thought those went out in the 80's. I guess not.
Sun- 3 miles on the equestrian trail, again.

Grand total 18 miles for the week. On tap next week I finally break the double digit barrier for a long run and hit 20 miles for the week, for the first time since February. Unbelievable.


Wes said...

For this fella, 18 miles is a lot :-) You are recovering so smartly!!

David said...

A niner is a quick-step return to long runs after sitting so long. Are you sure you want to go so far so soon? Relapses suck.

Ryan said...

Happy to read the recent reports...keep on keeping on!

Journey to a Centum said...

You didn't break 20 but then you didn't break your leg again either. So... Life is good!

Easy does it on your return. You don't want to start fighting shin splints or compartment syndrome.

I'm sure it's nice for you to be able to get back out and run. Enjoy!

Catherine said...

I know what you mean about the calf pain. I had it too but it's dissipating. Unfortunately, on my last 2 runs the shin pain has returned. Not sure if I should stop running again or work through it. Injuries suck.

Legs & Wings said...

This is really good news. I'm glad to hear that you're rolling along so well. Continue to be patient.

Steve Stenzel said...

Mmmm.... Mexican food.

Nice week!!!

Sarah said...

Keep on taking it easy. It will probably take a while for those "sensations" to go away. But you're heading in the right direction! : )

Joe said...

listen closely to the shin...and don't be shy about a walk break...it might help. Worth thinking about.

You're making solid progress!

PreFan1982 said...

Great progress!! I am so glad to see you are progressing nicely in your recovery.

Anonymous said...

Nice work. Way to add on the mileage slowly!

I'm always ultra-sensitive to all aches and pains when coming back from an injury. Hopefully that's all it is for you. Good luck and enjoy your big mileage next week!