Wednesday, July 02, 2008

Decrepit Peacock

I wanted to get in a three mile run tonight and couldn't decide if it was better to do it before or after the yoga class. Yoga started at 8:00. By the time I got around to making a decision I really didn't have enough time to go over to the equestrian trail for a run, so I opted for a 2 miler on the treadmill at the gym which gave me a couple of minutes to relax before the yoga session.

I'd never tried yoga before, but it has been recommended by several friends and runners as a good way to stretch out the muscles. Since I tend to be very tight, especially in the ankles and hips, I figured it couldn't hurt. The class is on Wednesday evening, which has been a off day from running so far and I'm not taking an on campus class this summer.

Another important factor for me is that the class was being taught by a guy. I figured that way I wouldn't be the only other guy the class. The classes I've seen going on at the gym tend to be heavily populated by the female gender. There ended up being about 5 guys and 30 women. I wasn't very graceful or able to do everything with the nice long lines, but the instructor was good at allowing us to do each pose to the best of our ability. Learning the vocabulary was a challenge. Like everything it will get easier with practice.

I need to learn about trade theory in the Czech Republic before tomorrow at midnight, so if you have any insight on that particular subject feel free to leave a comment. A half page paragraph on both a government intervention theory and a natural trade theory will do nicely. Thanks!


Wes said...

I've heard great things about Yoga! I got those P90X DVDs from Dee Dee for Father's Day. The Yoga one is high on my list!!!

LOL!! Is the Czech Republic a city, or a state ;-)

robtherunner said...

I am not sure I will ever be up for Yoga. Maybe alone in my house. I'll check up on that information you requested and get back to you ASAP, ha, ha.

Backofpack said...

I know a lot about trade agreements in preschool. Will that help?

I've never tried yoga, but everyone assumes I have because of Pilates. Strange, huh?

Anne said...

I miss yoga, as does my body. I found it painful to do, and quit once the instructor changed and the new one was too peppy and patronizing.

Are we talking the Pareto Effect for your trade paper? What does the Czech Republic have in terms of resources that it can trade, besides human resources? It's still a manufacturing-based economy, isn't it? I'd have the government set up workforce protections to avoid exploitation of its citizens and then have trade leaders market the Czech labor force as producers of goods made more expensively elsewhere in Western Europe, where they also take longer and more vacations. Thus, the Czechs are like temp workers or "gap insurance" on aggressive production lines.

OK. This isn't helping, is it?...

Joe said...

There's lingo for everything.

Especially trade theory. I did a lot of that in my MBA years ago, but was focused on countertrade and comparative advantages. It was so long ago, it was still Czechoslovakia. Plus, I did my work on Zimbabwe...when it still functioned as an agricultural and mineral exporter. What a mess that place is now.

But I digress...

Don't you have a "welcome back Darrell" 5K race coming up this long weekend??

Oh, yes, I also registered for Memphis a couple nights ago.