Monday, July 07, 2008

Baby Steps

Every week I add just a little bit more.

Since June 2 I've run only three days a week. Two weeks ago I finally broke into double digit mileage at 13.5. This week I added an extra day of running for a total of 16.2 miles in 4 days. The days I wasn't running I was at the gym.

I sat down on Saturday and worked out a training plan for assuming that everything will work out for Memphis. I've kept it to 4 days a week for the remaining 22 weeks. I think it is probably in the best interest of longevity to keep it easy, at least for the time being. Four days a week and the relatively low weekly mileage that goes with it won't get me any PR's or a BQ, but I think it is the only way right now that I can even hope to knock off another state.

I also looked through the local race calendar and found some trail runs and half marathons that fit nicely into the schedule. Most of them are races that have just not fit in before. So I'm pretty happy with the plan.

On Saturday I went down to Yorba Linda and met up with the Cruisers for the first time in like forever. It was really good to see everyone and to run the old Santa Ana Bike Path. I ran with Jay for 6 continuous miles. I felt pretty good but was more than ready to stop when the time came. The iced latte afterward sure went down smoothly.


Joe said...

Dr Leo Marvin would be very impressed with your Baby Steps. Very good.

I second the 4 day a week plan to Memphis. I think that is prudent. Great you found some local races to add interest to the training regimine.

All good...keep it up!

Wes said...

Ahhhh... Adversity opens up opportunity. The proverbial silver lining :-)

PreFan1982 said...

Slow and steady is the way to go. Great progress!! I'm excited for ya!