Tuesday, March 10, 2009


BHT - butylated hydroxytoluene, a preservative in many foods and in adhesives

On my first week night run since Daylight Savings Time I headed straight on over to Bonelli after work. I was there and running by 6:05 p.m. The sun was still well above the horizon. My mental plan was for 4 miles. I headed out down Raging Waters Drive and then onto my Cottontail Trail. There's no 2 mile landmark so I went right on to the end at 2.5 miles and then turned around and ran back. I'm still sticking to the 5:1 cycle for now.

5 miles total in Bonelli after work. The first one of the season, yahoo! It was a slow one at over 52 minutes. My right knee was squawking a little, but to run in the light after work I was sure a happy camper.

BHT is really Bonelli Happy Time!

The other definition is from my work with orthodontic adhesives and that's the last thing on my mind when I'm out running.


FLYERS26 said...

I need to get out after dinner and run late in the day!

Billy Burger said...

Ah...yes. Love me some daylight after work too. Keep on truckin' Darrell!

Wes said...

The happiness of Bonelli is apparent :-) Lucky you!!!

Donald said...

I love the time shift too, but ... who left the fridge door open? It's been way too cold in the mornings this week. I thought DST also brought springtime weather.

(Yes, I'm a wimp.)

scott keeps running said...

I love the light!

Jean said...

Sounds like a nice run, Darrell. I am very excited that Daylight Savings Time is here...it is so nice getting home from work and having a few more hours of sun! Spring is just around the corner! :)

Ryan said...

Cool opening sentence. I did not understand the whole BHT thing. Sounds like a good day on the trails. Also I just noticed you live near Angeles National Forest I was thinking of running AC100 this fall but changed plans to the San Fran area for the Headlands Hundred but someday I'll get out there for a long trail run.

Anne said...

I remember that area from a trip we took to Raging Waters a few years ago. Very nice.

Joe said...

a preservative in many foods and in adhesives

So I'm sitting here with some BHT likely in the tortilla chips I'm munching on. I'm guessing your app for BHT is holding stuff to teenage teeth, though.

Bonelli Happy Time is a lot better, though...very cool.

You evening runners can enjoy DST. Us morning runners find it a cruel hoax, denying us daylight. Thus my "full moon" post :-)

Take care of that knee, Darrell.