Saturday, March 14, 2009

I'm a Liar

I ended my last post with this statement: "The other definition is from my work with orthodontic adhesives and that's the last thing on my mind when I'm out running."

Liar, liar, pants on fire!

Thursday after work my intentions were to head over to Bonelli once again to enjoy the BHT.

I made it to Bonelli but its certainly wasn't enjoyable. At work I sat in a meeting with some regulatory affairs people. One of which doesn't understand the workings of the database that was causing issues and another that was just far too chipper. If you have time to flow chart with color coding something that isn't even your responsibility; you have way too much time on your hand. I'm sick and tired of dealing with their over zealousness.

Once I got home I got to deal with the youngest son's explanation of why he needed to use the truck this weekend. He's lost all privileges to it - no school, no job, no insurance payments - no truck.

Once I made it to Bonelli and started running the run stunk from the get go. To top it all off, my hip started hurting again like it had hurt right after Memphis. I knew it was going to be a pain from the very first step. I suffered through one lap of the picnic loop and called it quits. During the run my mind was racing a mile a minute cursing the regulatory affairs a$$f**ks up and down. That alternated with more curse filled thoughts on teenagers and their friends. And add a few more select curse words for injuries.

It wasn't my best day to say the least and it certainly wasn't Bonelli Happy Time!

So I guess I do occasionally think about work while I'm running (and stupid teenagers and injuries).

Just call me Mr. Negativity.

(as expected all things - attitude, work, teenager, PT and running - all improved eventually. So hang in there. I just had to get this off my chest.)


Pat said...

Been there. Sorry you had to visit too.

Neese said...

sometimes it's hard to shake all the negatives and such glad you were able to get it off your chest!

Anne said...

We've all been there, Darrell. I've gone out in the early morning telling myself to just let things go and ended up crying less than a mile into it. Our jobs are getting harder. Our kids are getting more difficult. Our lives in general aren't quite what they used to be due to all the anxiety that surrounds us. And when you add an achy hip on top of all that, it's pretty hard to stay positive. But, as you know, our moods are sometimes as fleeting as our feet. This too shall pass.

Joe said...

You're no liar...just normal!

Yeah, all a difficult pile. Glad you felt better after the run. This too shall pass.

Persevere, my friend, persevere.

Backofpack said...

Dang Darrell, rough day for sure. One of those days where you probably could have handled any one of those things alone, but piled on? Yuck. Glad to hear you got through it. Hope the hip feels better.

Nick said...

Darrell: I have to admit, that was a funny post.

I do all my thinking while running/riding, and come up with some good stuff. By the time I get home, I forget it all the good stuff and then come up with lame blog posts.
No more Mr. Negativity allowed.
Although, over-cheerful people though irritate me to no end, so I totally get what your saying.

Jason The Running Man said...

Thanks for the supportive comments man.

Soo family said...

Hang in there, D!

lindsay said...

now now, not every run (or day) will be a good one. hang in there, the good ones always come back around!