Sunday, March 08, 2009

Foreign Accounting

It has been a busy week all the way around. Three nights worth of American Idol, whew. Now let's get the competition going here.

The weather has been pretty schizophrenic this week. We've gone back and forth almost daily from cloudy rainy weather to warm sunny weather. Definitely not our typical weather pattern.

Two sessions of physical therapy. All is going well. The IT band is sore to the touch afterward after having been manipulated, but I can run.

Although I ran 4 times this week, it was a pretty low mileage week. I made 3 trips to the equestrian path in Via Verde - Tues, Thurs and Sunday. Thursday I cut 45 seconds off my Tuesday time and then Sunday I added 30 seconds of it back again.

My long run for the week was just me and my music. The CA Cruisers were heading to one of my favorite places, Chino Hills State Park. Any other day, I'd have been right there with them, but following the PT's advice I'm avoiding hills for now. My friend Terry was planning 16, so I headed over to the San Gabriel River Trail near home for 8 miles on my own.

The PT had given me clearance for 8 to "put the leg to the test." He doesn't know about the 12 last week. I think that was pretty much all the test the leg had in it right now. The 8 miler was way tougher than it should have been. The IT was fine. There is just a general feeling of weakness.

The weekly/weakly mileage was 17, about what I'd planned. I hope to step that back up closer to 20 next week.

I also added in two personal training sessions this week and two 5 mile walks in Bonelli over the weekend. Not such a bad week in the physical fitness department.

On another topic - I've been taking business classes at a local community college for the past year and a half. I have a science degree and wanted to broaden my horizons a little. So far, so good, until this semester. I'm currently taking Financial Accounting and may I say it is a foreign language. All those debits and credits (which don't mean the same thing all the time), deferred and accrued, asset and liability, adjustments, journal entries, expenses, dividends, and revenues. It's just not sticking in this science majors head. Luckily I have a great tutor (my wife is an accountant), but I feel like I'm fighting a losing battle.

Running, even running injured, is much easier than this stuff.


Jason The Running Man said...

Thanks man and good luck with that class.

Lisa James said...

Too funny!!! Accounting is far easier than the periodic table in my book :)

You will do just fine...have a little faith.

Dori said...

I took a basic accounting class years ago at the local j.c. and didn't do too well. Today I wish I'd paid more attention; it really is a useful skill. Good luck and good for you for broadening your horizons.

lindsay said...

glad the it band is getting better! keep the patience, you'll be going 100% soon enough.

Joe said...

Shoot, just wait 'til you get to unsubordinated debentures! Now, that's a real trip!

Assets left, credits right... but of course it depends which is which, as you have discovered.

Yeah, much easier to psyche out a bummed ITB. My guess that the weakness of leg is just a training issue, not an injury.

Discount that cash flow, dude, discount that cash flow....

Rae said...

Financial Acctg, ugh!! I can't believe I stuck with an Acctg degree after that class, myself! Thankfully the real world has been much better than those classes ever were!!