Sunday, September 27, 2009

Mo Better Trail Runs

I've been back home since late Thursday night. Lisa and I had a wonderful time in Mohican reliving our honeymoon. The weather was gloomy and wet, just like it was 25 years ago. The weather didn't matter then nor did it matter now. We went out and visited all the sights in the park, including the Covered Bridge, the Falls, the Fire Tower and the Gorge Overlook. We had dinner one night in the nearby town in one of two "fine dining" establishments. After chatting with the waitress it turns out it was the same restaurant from 25 years ago, just under new management with at new name. We definitely enjoyed our time there.

Of course the two days in the park weren't all romance and nostalgia; I had to get a couple of runs in. One of the first things I did was send an email out to Nick. I know he runs in Mohican regularly. I has hoping we could hit the trails for a 6-8 mile run. Unfortunately the logistics didn't quite work out but I was able to get in a couple of shorter runs on my own.

Wednesday morning I parked at the dam and ran the trails to Little Lyons and Big Lyons Falls out to the covered bridge and back to the dam on the Pleasant Hill Trail. It was raining but the tree canopy is so dense that I didn't get all that wet. The second day, I parked at the covered bridge, ran through a campground and out the Hickory Gorge Trail to another camp ground and back. About 4 miles the first day and 6 the second. They were probably some of the easiest trails in Mohican and its wasn't exactly what the Yasso program might have called for, but it was fun.


Nick said...

Very Cool. I wished I could have met up with you.
I did 21 miles out at Mo today and then another 10 miles about an hour later at CVNP near Cleveland.
Was a terribly long drive home.

Dori said...

A person needs some fun during marathon training. It sounds like a wonderful time and what a great way to celebrate your silver anniversary. Congratulations to you and Lisa!

Anne said...

What a great way to celebrate a very special wedding anniversary.

David said...

You wild and crazy romantic. Mixing in some short runs with some long reminiscing.

Joe said...

Congratulations. 25 years is a wonderful accomplishement and speaks so well of you and Lisa. May you have 25 more!!!