Saturday, September 19, 2009

Mirror Image

We made it to Ohio with only an hour delay due to bad weather in Atlanta. The kids made it it this morning after taking the red-eye into Cleveland.

I got up this morning for a 12 miler on the rails to trails path near my parents home. I'd checked the weather when I packed and was pleased to see the daily highs in the high 70's - low 80's. I packed my running gear accordingly - a couple of sleeveless and a short sleeve. What I hadn't given much thought to was the overnight low and the cool temps I'd be starting in.

I headed over to Kipton to jump on the same trail I'd run when I was here in June. When I got out of the car the temperature was 47 degrees. The only thing that was really cold were my hands. It took a couple of miles before they warmed up. Otherwise, the cool Ohio air was pretty nice to run in. I ran the same 12.5 miles as I did back in June. This time around it took me 1:53:14 compared to the 1:57 in the heat of June; a nice little improvement aided immensely by the cool temps.

I will likely get up tomorrow and continue the mirror image theme by running 4 miles at the Wellington Reservation I discovered in June. The rest of the day on Sunday will be spent at the Golden Anniversary Celebration.


Joe said...

Welcome back to the heartland! You'll have three trips in a couple of months!

yeah, we've had some cool mornings...glad you could enjoy it!!

Have a terrific anniversary celebration!!

Wes said...

I am looking forward to some cooler weather myself...

Dori said...

When I was in Minnesota a few weeks ago, it was unseasonably cool and I didn't have the right clothes either.

You have another marathon coming up? I don't know how you Maniacs do it.

David said...

I better dust off my cool weather duds before packing for Hartford. Actually, I better find them first. I haven't touched them since February.