Saturday, September 12, 2009

Powder Canyon

I guess this is why they call it Powder Canyon. My legs were covered with this fine dust half way up to my knees.

The recovery schedule I put together for myself had 6-8 miles on it today. I decided to head on over to Powder Canyon. This is a run the CA Cruisers did back in May. I had a note in my log that read, "LOVED THIS RUN!!" Today was a good day to go back and give it another shot. The basic route is about 8 miles, with many options to change it up or down.

Last time I was with a group of folks some of who had scouted the route. This time on my own, I took a wrong turn and went down a long section that dumped me into a neighborhood over a mile from where I needed to be. I thought the trail look unfamiliar and I didn't remember running such a steep downhill the last time. The lack of bike and foot prints should have been my clue but I stubbornly kept going. I turned around and walked back (off the clock) up the incline to get on track.

The rest of the run went off without a hitch. I ended up running for about 90 minutes and will call it 8 miles of running. The legs are a little sluggish but otherwise feeling good.

An HOA update: Joe sent me a link to a photo essay on the Heart of America Marathon in the Missourian. Pay close attention to the photo of the dudes in the ice tub. There's also a great shot of the young guy I mentioned at the finish line.


Sarah said...

Thanks for sharing the photo essay. You look like you're enjoying that ice bath...sort of. ; )

Tom said...

Great picture! I felt sorry for the guy standing behind you.

FLYERS26 said...

Wow.. what a dusty mess!

Wes said...

6-8 mile recovery run? Ouch! :-)