Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Vote For Pedro

Being that I work in the Oral Care sector of the Health Care Industry, I am pretty adamant about getting my twice yearly dental cleanings. I had one the other day. The hygienists at this office do a general health screening that includes blood pressure and pulse. My BP was 114/68 and my pulse was 43. This was two days after running the HOA marathon. They seemed like pretty good numbers to me.

This week is still kind of a recovery week but also kind a week to get back into training for Number 15. I did an easy 5 miler in Bonelli on Cottontail and for the second time recently didn't see a single bunny.

I moved that run up a day, so that I could do a leg work out with my trainer on Tuesday night. Have I mentioned before how much he loves doing leg workouts, I should say making me do leg workouts. He even let me do dead lifts but threatened me with bodily harm if I didn't keep the form right. I was a good student.

Today, Wednesday, just before leaving work, he and I had the following text exchange:
Chris: How are the legs feelin'?
Darrell: Haha. A little sore. What were you expecting?
Chris: Paralyzed. Haha
Darrell: Almost, but not quite.

I'm still loosely following Yasso's plan, so today was 7 miles with hills and not to be treated as an easy run. With somewhat sore legs I decided to keep the distance the same and dialed back on the intensity and the hills. Rather than running the long hill I did the rolling hills in Bonelli. It was a good run and I took a good long time, 1:19.

I'll be up early tomorrow for a 4 miler and then I'm catching a plane to Ohio to for my parent's 50th Wedding Anniversary Celebration.


Wes said...

Have a great trip! Right back at it... :-)

Annette said...

A good leg workout can make for a tough run. Good job getting out there! :)

Nick said...

Little Chilly here in the evenings.
Might be a shocker coming from SOCAL.

I suck at going to the dentist.

David said...

Damn trainers are real task masters.
I am glad you took it easy. A sign of maturity.