Monday, January 18, 2010

Rest Day Interrupted

It rained pretty much all day today. Fairly hard at times, almost horizontal according to my wife as she was trying to pick up her lunch at the drive through window (chicken soup, not a burger, FYI). When we left work I was surprised to see clearing skies.

I took full advantage of the opportunity to get a run in even though today was a scheduled rest day. I wasted no time in changing into my running duds and out the door I went for the Bonnie Cove 5.

It was supposed to be an easy day. I finished the run, much to my surprise, in 42:43; an 8:32 pace. Now that's more like it. I guess after two weeks of feeling a little under the weather and some slow paced runs I was finally feeling it.

I hope the respite in the rain was just a lucky break. We really need it around here.


Joe said...

Fascinating the impact of "rest days"... meaning the slower running you had between groups, illness and rain. Given a good opening, you started moving.

Hope the chicken soup is good for Lisa's health and her soul!!!!!

Wes said...

I heard you guys were getting back to back to back poundings! Stay dry!!!

Jean said...

I just saw some movie footage on another blog showing the rains out there. You guys are getting poured on. I hope the weather shapes up so you can get in some dry runs!

Sarah said...

Nice way to take advantage of the break in the weather!