Sunday, January 17, 2010

Wet Runs in the Forecast

Although I just announced my intentions to run the Los Angeles Marathon, my schedule has been geared with an eye toward that as well as the Surf City Half - which is in three weeks by the way. I've been sticking to Yasso's Half plan during the week and hybridizing the long run distances between his Half and Full plans.

I'd planned 16 this weekend. Running buddy Terry had planned 14. She invited a couple of her old friends (old as in long time friends, not old as in aged friends). I had invited the "kids" along too. Brian was able to make it, Celeste was not. The run was very fragmented as Terry's friends were running 10, Brian has finally worked up to 8. I ran a mile before we started, ran 8.5 with Brian and doubled back to catch Terry and then a final four miles with Terry to end up with 14, a nice compromise between the two plans. Brian and the friends necessitated a slower pace, which worked out well with the way things have gone the last two weeks. When Terry and I were alone we cranked up the pace noticeably, but still ended the run with an overall pace of 10:21. It was really nice to feel strong at the end of the run.

Later that day I'd gone for a hike in Bonelli. I came around a corner upon a little Chihuahua dog, who immediately did a 180 and scampered back from where he came. It is not usual, although probably not very smart, for people to let their dogs off the leash on the trails in the park. I've always encountered friendly dogs and owners, thankfully. I expected to come upon his owner as I got further around the corner, but there was no human attached to the dog. I tried to get the dog to come to me, but he was a skittish little bugger. He ran around another corner and I never saw him again. He was about a mile onto the trail into the park. I fear that unless he followed the trail back out the poor little guy is going to become coyote chow or hawk bait.

This morning I got up and went to the gym on my own (the trainer is still on his snowboarding weekend in the local mountains). I worked out chest and biceps and abs for good measure then headed over to Bonelli for a 6 miler on my usual Sunday Morning Loop. It was still bright and sunny at 11:00 when I was done. When I was done I was famished. I had only eaten a handful of raisins before going to the gym. I'm not sure why. I usually eat oatmeal or a pb&j before a workout and running. The veggie burrito from Taco Ready I had for lunch sure hit the spot.

The rain that has been predicted for the last couple of weeks as finally arrived. Next week's training will be interesting.

Only 3 weeks until race day. This coming week I have the last speed session before the race. It is another half marathon pace workout. I'm not sure exactly how I will fit it in. Besides that run, the others are easy paces at shorter distances - easier to fit into a rain challenged schedule. I really don't mind running in the rain, but we usually get enough of a break to get in a few miles out of the wet stuff. We'll see how it goes.


Joe said...

Isn't there a refrain to some old song that says "It never rains in California" ? I guess it does. Dodge the drops.

You had quite the creative long run... nicely done. You are having fun putting this program together... look forward to seeing how it sets you up for the half in 3 weeks!

Sarah said...

Sounds like you'll be enjoying some of our kind of weather this week. Hopefully you'll get some nice breaks! After a weekend of nearly constant rain, we're having a nice break of sunshine, blue skies and a "balmy " 52 degrees right now.