Sunday, June 07, 2009


Spent the rest of yesterday afternoon sitting on my parent back patio, reading a (running) magazine, watching the birds, took a little nap, then came in to catch up on some long overdue blog reading. Ah, vacation.

Up by 7:00 this morning. I only wanted to run about 3 miles this morning. The plan had 5 miles but I am trying not to increase my weekly mileage too much too soon so I had decided to scale back slightly. My plan was to go out and run around the above ground reservoir just outside of town. My Dad told me about a new park just across the road. The Wellington Reservation is also part of the Lorain County Metro Parks. There were about 4 miles of trails, some asphalt, some crushed gravel. I ended up running 3.8 miles. I will definitely add this run to list for future visits back home.

Week One of marathon training is in the books. The plan as written called for 30 miles in 5 days. I had hoped to keep that to no more than 28 miles. With the extra I ran on Thursday in Findley State Park, a little extra on the bike trail on Saturday and more than planned this morning at the Metro Park I actually ended up exceeding the plan by 0.3 for a total of 30.3 miles. The best part is so far the leg pains and aches are in check.

Off to week 2. Thirteen weeks to race day.


Joe said...

Wow, I'm not used to this daily blogging!! What fun!! At least you don't have to worry about coming up with a pithy, clever title every day!!

Nice trip home...glad you are enjoying it. And, boy, you have the plan down.

Enjoy the humidity while you are here...not something you get in SoCal.

Jean said...

Great job on your first week of training, Darrell. Sounds like you are on track and that things are going well. Keep it up!

Billy Burger said...

Awesome Darrell - keep at it brother. I've figured out that I'm no good at this marathon plan thing. I wish you better luck with yours.

Wes said...

Way to accidentally exceed the plan when you wanted to cut back. Now don't let it happen again ;-)