Sunday, April 05, 2009

Dispelling Concern

Busyness and prioritization are the name of the game. I owe my readers a race report on the Wine Country Half Marathon. The week since the race has been a busy one - work, team project due in my accounting class, accounting class and homework, the first real yard work of the spring, a couple of appointments with trainers, one with a physical therapist and let's not forget keeping up with Dancing with the Stars and American Idol (Survivor is still sitting in the DVR cue unwatched). It has been a lot to keep up with.

Suffice it to say it was a great weekend. Paso Robles is beautiful this time of year. The race went pretty well all things considered. My official time was 2:01:49. I'm pretty happy with that. The details will have to come later. We did enjoy a really nice visit post race with Dori and her husband at Justin Winery and Vineyard.

My primary goal today is to dispel the concerns over my other injury and the MRI. I've reread my post and I can't quite figure out how MRI equated to head injury. Thanks to Billy's vivid imagination, I guess. (No worries, you're still a great guy in my book, lol)

The injury and possible MRI/neurologist had nothing at all to do with my head. The injury was a little further south; in a place that many people probably believe my brains to actually be. A couple of weeks ago I fell pretty badly on my derriere doing plyometric box jumps. I landed pretty hard. I was able to run but, two weeks post fall I still had trouble doing any kind of ab work like crunches or sit ups; I couldn't pivot on my arse. Plus the minor sciatica in my left hip flared up pretty badly. The orthopedist doesn't deal with sciatica. He says it is a nerve disorder, thus the possible trip to the neurologist and MRI. We decided to wait a month or so to see how it goes before taking that drastic of a step. Thankfully everything seems to have healed up and calmed down nicely. I put in a nice ab workout last Thursday without any pain in the butt, literally.

Thanks for the worry, but now get back to the important stuff like will Cheryl be a three time champ on DWTS since she is paired with "the naked neighbor" on Sex and the City AND will someone please tell Adam to stop screeching on American Idol. I really liked him in the beginning, but now he's just grating on my nerves (and you all know how touchy my nerves are these days.... don't even mention Regulatory!!).

Have a great week!