Monday, August 20, 2007

A Change of Pace

By the end of last week I was decidedly tired but not so nearly mentally and physically fatigued as the week before. All my miles this week, except for my Saturday long run, were accomplished on the trails and roads of my favorite little park, Bonelli.

I did my runs there for a couple of reasons. The lack of mile markers removes a lot of stress and the rolling hills dictate a slower pace. So mostly I just ran by time knowing that I at least covered the minimum mileage specified each day.

Monday and Wednesday I did the same out and back on part of my Sunday morning loop for 4 miles each. Tuesday I put together the trail along the 57 N with part of the Cottontail Trail for a 7 miler. Sunday morning I did my usual 5 mile loop, clockwise, preceded by the Picnic loop for a different 7 miler.

Saturday I headed back down to Huntington Beach for my 15 miler. I was hoping for a better outcome than last week's 14 miler. Saturday morning coincided with a big race event in HB, the Huntington Beach Distance Derby, 5 and 10 mile races. I had run the 5 miler back in 2003, just a couple of months after getting started running. My goal was to come in under 50:00. I know I was close. One thing I remember about that race was that I turned on my final kick too soon and struggled to get the the finish line; lesson learned. After the race me, the wife and both boys went to Ruby's on the end of the pier and got in just in time to order breakfast.

Saturday I parked near my usual spot near the 4 mile mark but rather than heading north into the congestion of the Distance Derby I headed south toward Newport Beach. Another big reason for heading this way was the lack of mile markers. I had pre-mapped the route the night before. The route was from Beach Blvd in HB south past the jetty, into Newport Beach, down Seashore Drive behind the first row of beach houses, then hitting the bike path at 36th Street past the Newport Beach Pier and Balboa Pier and then getting dumped onto Balboa Street when the bike path ends at D St, and following the alley between Miramar and Ocean Blvd to where it ended at Channel Rd near the Wedge. The out and back made a nice 15 miler. The lack of markers meant all I had to do was run, stress free; no obsessessing over splits, no mental fatigue.

Although I had gotten started 4 hours earlier than last week there was much less of a breeze and the temps were warmer. This run was a nice change of pace from the HB run I'd done several times recently. The only real downside of this run is the nearly 5 miles of concrete on the Newport Beach bike path. I finished the run in 2:13:26, just 3:26 more than last week for an extra mile and a pace of 8:54, sub 9:00, woohoo.

I ended the week with 37 miles. This was the 2nd week of the mileage build so this week will be a cut back week again. This weekend we've got a bike ride and overnight stay planned with some friends so getting in even the shorter mileage on the weekend will be a challenge. I'm thinking some vacation time on Friday may be in order.


Joe said...

Nice adjustments, Darrell, nice adjustments. And seem to have paid off with some solid time in heat and on concrete Saturday.

Knocking off 37 miles would seem to say your foot is not bothering you...and that's a very good thing.

Your base is building and you are managing it well. Enjoy the biking and time with friends this weekend!!

Wes said...

Nice! I luv to hear about your runs, and to turn in that distance with a sub-9 training run, awesome! Have a great week!!

Anonymous said...

Great runs!! It seems to be coming together nicely for you.

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Unknown said...

I like the less mental stress approach to 15 miles! Nice!

Sarah said...

Sounds like your build up is going well! Nice job. : )

Legs and Wings said...

The notion of a vacation day sounds the most exciting of all. Honestly, it does sound like you're on you way again. Best to ignore the mile markers...great to run stress free of split times, etc. Good job.

Backofpack said...

Hey - great mileage! Good to hear you are back on build-up cycle. Keep it going Darrell!

Unknown said...

Much better report this time, Darrell. Glad to hear of the sub-9 long run.

Scott McMurtrey said...

mental fatigue - yes, i knew there was a reason i didn't like to wear a watch. i get so caught up with the time and how fast i'm going that it does take extra energy.

great job dipping under 9 on the long run!

Jenny, Maniac #401 said...

Running along Huntington Beach, now that's the life! Beautiful! I am abit jealous.
Glad your build up is going well.

David said...

Impressive stress free build up. And the route sounds California scenic to me.

Yeah, what's with your foot? No problems?

Unknown said...

the south end of the boardwalk is a blast! that's where you get most of your entertainment. from the surfers to the out-of-state, sunburnt vacationers, it's always entertaining!