Tuesday, June 10, 2008

The Lure of an Unpainted Door

I had all the best intentions. It was only a measly 2.5 miles.

When I got home from work I really had planned on going for my second "real" run. The last 0.5% of the bathroom project, the unpainted door, called out. I just could not resist the need to have it painted before my brother and his wife showed up later that evening.

I was able to paint the outside before Lisa arrived home with the groceries. Then my focus switched to preparing my now world famous pasta puttanesca for my parents (this time with chicken only). Lisa took over with the brush while I slaved over the stove. After dinner I finished the last few strokes on the back of the door.

I sat around chatting with my parents, waiting for the pasta to digest a little before taking off. Just as I was about to change into my running clothes, my brother pulled into the driveway. We sat around and talked some more. I heated up the leftover puttanesca that had just gone into the refrigerator. We worked on the details for them to see a taping of the Price is Right in the morning.

Before I knew it the time was well past 10:00 and I still needed to study for my final exam in Business 101 on Wednesday evening. I didn't really give it the attention it needed but I will have some time tomorrow to look over my notes a time or two.

I decided to knock out a quick post. If I didn't run at least I could blog. I may attempt to get up early and knock out the 2.5 miles as the sun rises.

Stay tuned.


Anne said...

Runnign will always be there for you; so will we. Congratulations on finishing the bathroom. Will we soon get pictures for the "looky loos" (sorry, I couldn't help but put in that bad pun.)

Joe said...

Ha!! Life is like that. Glad you are enjoying the relatives!!!!

And you are taking the final as I write this...pray it goes well. With your experience, Business 101 ought to be snap!

Ryan said...

Back in action, very happy to hear the good news. RUN EASY ;-)

Legs and Wings said...

Some of the best visits are when people just pull into the driveway. We have a warm tradition of 'visiting' here in the maritimes...it happens alot.

Good and busy I see. Take care buddy.

Bob - BlogMYruns.com said...

Darrell said: my now world famous pasta puttanesca
Yummy my address is 9840 pine....., FL :-)

way to keep busy & blog before running --lol but I think blogging while eating leftover puttanesca washing it down with a cold beer ahhh- priceless:-)

Soo family said...

I'm gonna have to find out the 'real deal' on this puttanesca sauce. : ) Mmmm.

Anyhow, hope you kicked butt on your final.. I can relate. I'm sure it must feel good to decompress.