Thursday, December 22, 2005

3 It Is

I guess I'm stuck in a 3 mile rut. The last two days I've run the same 3 mile out and back route that I've run since the Las Vegas marathon. I still have/want to run, I just don't have the gumption to put out much more of an effort. For many of us, there seems to be a general lack of motivation going around. At least this guy has a big sense of purpose. I need to get some of that.

For me, I think it's the post marathon blahs, the holidays, an upcoming trip and the lack of a defined running goal that has me in this rut. This too shall pass, but for now I will faithfully run my little 3 mile route.

Wednesday I forgot my watch and today I got it done in 25:52, a little faster than on Tuesday. That's cool!

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DREW said...

Faithfully running your 3 mile route is a GOOD THING. I've been taking it easy this month since Vegas also and I knew I'd be getting back in the saddle slowly. I think the key for me is to not stop. It doesn't matter whether I'm doing 3 or 10 at this point. The goal is to do something and keep moving, and I'm meeting that goal.

January begins the build-up for Napa in March.