Saturday, December 10, 2005

On the DL?

Here it is Saturday, nearly a week after the Las Vegas Marathon. I have been itching all week to get out there and run again. After a marathon I usually take the next week off, no running at all, then get back to it with an easy 6 on Saturday, then right back into the schedule the next week. That plan was worked after 6 marathons, so there was no reason to think it would not work again.

I drove down to Yorba Regional Park to meet up with my California Cruiser friends. We run along the Santa Ana River Trail. Tricia and Jaymi were off running the Honolulu Marathon. It was good to meet up with everyone else and swap Vegas stories. I started off my run wearing a sweatshirt, the temperature was around 50°. The group was planning a 12 miler, I hadn't really committed to a distance yet.

I ran with Mike G. At about 1.5 miles my right knee began to bother me again like it had in Vegas. This was a new thing for me. I usually feel great after the marathon aches wear off and never miss a beat. I got to the the 2 mile mark and stopped to stretch. The Cruisers told me to take it easy. I decided to take their advice, the knee obviously wasn't right. I turned back and ran/hobbled back the 2 miles.

I am a little frustrated with my knee but I've decided not to stress too much since I have no marathon plans in the future. A little rest, a little ice, a lot of stretching and maybe some Tylenol. A scaled back schedule could be good.

Speaking of marathon plans; Tara at work suggested St. George, UT. Its not that much of a drive past Vegas. It is not until October. St George uses a lottery system so it can't hurt to throw my name in come April 1st. Let's see!


DREW said...

You could do St. George. It's their 30th anniversary, I see, so might be extra special. I've heard good things about it.

Or, you could continue a new tradition and run the inaugural Denver Marathon on Oct. 15th. It's farther away than Utah, but that would make two in a row for first time marathons. That way, in thirty years when Vegas and Denver are celebrating an anniversary, you can say you ran the first one.

(The preceeding was a completely biased opinion based on the fact that I grew up in CO and want to do the Denver M real bad.)

DREW said...
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RTG said...

I don't know a lot about St. George -- I've never known anyone who has run it -- but I understand it to be very much downhill. That sounds good, but from what I understand it isn't as easy as it sounds. Apparently running downhill for so many miles shreds your quads.

When you get around to running in the Midwest, I can give you some marathon suggestions.