Wednesday, December 14, 2005

Now That's More Like It

That’s was my original title as I started the run, but I may have gone a little beyond that point.

After my humbling 4-miler on Saturday, I decided I had better take an extra couple of days off, so no running Sunday. Monday is a normal day off. All day Tuesday I was looking forward to my run that evening. My right knee had been feeling fine. I stopped and stretched it a few times throughout the day. I had decided to go over and run the horse path in Via Verde. The path is just over a mile so I can get a three or four miler in with at least half of it on dirt. I figured the softer surface would be best for the ailing knee.

I got home, changed and then took forever to get out of the house. This time of the year, when it’s already dark at 5:00 and getting cooler, I have to coax myself into getting out the door. I never regret going, I just hem and haw way more than I do in the warm, sunny summer. I know it’s not really cold especially compared to those bloggers I read from New York, Montana, etc. Now that’s cold! Anyway, I finally got over there and started my run.

One mile into the run my knee was holding up fine. At the 1.5 mile mark it was still OK, so I decided to go for the 2-mile mark. At the 2-mile mark, my knee began to give me a little bit of a talking to. I made it back to the car for 4 miles in 36:27. My knee held up but the ITB needs a little more time before it will be back to normal. When I got home I iced it. In retrospect I probably should have turned around at the 1.5 mile mark before the knee started hurting, but…

One bit of good news for the day, my running buddy with the stress fracture got the OK from her doctor to start running on soft surfaces, not asphalt. It has only been 6 weeks since her diagnosis. I think she’s considering a go at the LA Marathon. We’ll have to talk more to see how she really feels.


Danny said...

hey thanks for stopping by. looking over your times, i'm guessing we crossed the finish line in NYC within a few minuttes of each other. (of course now I consider running 2 miles a heroic accomplishment, and you've just run another marathon, but anyway...)

good luck with your 50 state challenge. i've heard of others doing this, and i always thought it was cool.

btw, if all goes well, you'll run into the same problem I did with your blog title, and more importantly, its URL. (is fiftystatechallenge taken already?)

Scott Dunlap said...

Good luck with the knee. When mine hurts, I switch to swimming for a week and do a combo of kicking with a kickboard (no fins, but go slow) and underwater running. Usually that cures it up in a week or so.

Thanks for the link!