Monday, December 26, 2005

Return of the Reindeer

Grandma and Aunt Leslie came over on Christmas afternoon to find their reindeer in our front yard with my younger son guarding it. They both laughed so hard they couldn't get out of the car. At the end of the day the deer was safely loaded up into Grandma's trunk and returned home.


Anonymous said...

Grandma got runover by a reindeer, but the reindeer won!!! I'm sure the police would enjoy knowing that the reindeer is safe and sound. Unfortunately grandma wasn't so safe and sound. Well, safe but not sound!! The reindeer will remain in its current location untill the "neighborhood watch" is "not watching".The neighborhood residents are all removing their items in fear that theft in neighborhood have been exceedingly high, and the dollar store might not have anymore in stock.There is a reason people live in nice neighborhoods, they shop at discount stores.The owners can now remove the flyers posted with "MISSING REINDEER".

Rae said...

Had they not noticed it missing? Too funny!