Tuesday, December 20, 2005

Is 3 Enough?

3 French Hens?
Must be, besides it’s steeped in tradition and it took forever to learn that song in the first place, why mess with a good thing?
3 Musketeers?
Maybe not, it has been a while since I've read this but wasn’t there a fourth one lurking around in there somewhere?
3 Blind Mice?
Definitely, I don’t really care for mice, blind or not.
3 Dog Night?
I guess so, but I prefer a good comforter. They were a great Classic Rock band, but then I’m dating myself.
3 Doors Down?
Sadly I don’t even know the names of the people that live three doors down. Maybe you will at least recognize this Rock Band.
3 Days till Christmas?
Just kidding!

I guess I could come up with a few more, but to the point:

3 Days of Holiday Parties (and the Absurd amount of food that goes with them)?
Definitely enough! Over the last three days I’ve attended two Holiday Potlucks and one department lunch. I’ve eaten sushi, asparagus wrapped in bacon, smoked turkey, Chinese chicken salad, ginger snap cookies, angel food cake, homemade marshmallows, more Chinese chicken salad, Caesar salad, empanadas, chicken and rice casserole, baked penne pasta, ambrosia, Jell-O, eggnog cake, chocolate dipped Oreos, oatmeal raisin cookies, salad with mandarin oranges and candied walnuts, a huge slab of salmon, mashed potatoes, chocolate cake and cheesecake. Plus three regular breakfasts and one regular lunch and I’m sure I missed a few things along the way, so YES, 3 is most definitely enough.

3 miles?
Yes and No. Yes it kept my knee from hurting and NO, NO, NO it is not enough to counteract my gluttony over the last three days. It was though, a good run. The temperature was a wonderful 65°F at 6:00 p.m. It is hard to believe that tomorrow is the first day of winter. I managed a 26:05 3-miler over in Via Verde.

So for dinner tonight I had a couple of handfuls of grape tomatoes and a banana. Why doesn’t the elbow develop a pain when it has taken the fork to the mouth too many times the same way the knee developed a pain after too many miles?


Anonymous said...

very, very funny.

Rae said...

Ha! If I think about all the gross things I've eaten this week at office parties it makes me sick. Ugh! I never thought I could be so tired of sugar....