Sunday, November 20, 2005

Santa Ana's going strong

I overslept this morning so I decided I would get my run in later in the day. I could have gone when I first got up but then I would not have been able to make breakfast for the family. Sunday morning breakfast has been part of my routine for a long time. Breakfast is my favorite meal and during the week we don't have time for much more than cereal or a bagel. We don't even get our first cup of coffee until we get to the office. So anyway, today I made banana muffins (from scratch) and scrambled eggs. The muffins were delish, if I must say so myself.

Later, I realized I had a meeting at church at 3:00. I didn't really want to run in the dark if I didn't have to so I decided to go out at 1:00. I know the rest of the country is in the middle of a cold snap but here in SoCal we are warm and dry. The Santa Ana's have been blowing so the air is dry, dry, dry. I ran 5 miles over at Frank G. Bonelli Regional Park Starting at the Rideshare lot on Via Verde Ave off the 57 Freeway, down the road to Raging Waters then right along the bike trail that parallels Puddingstone Drive to the end of the parking lot and back. I was surprised about how tired I felt for just a 5 miler. I'm thinking it was the temperature and the low humidity. Yesterday I did a 10 miler in Brea at 7:00 a.m. at 9:00 minute/mile pace and felt great

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