Sunday, March 07, 2010

The Hat Was for Naught

After starting out this week's training with an accidentally shortened run, it all came together in the end.

I worked out with my trainer on Tuesday after work and then opted not to run. I'm not sure why, normally I would and especially thinking ahead to the after work commitments I had the rest of the week I should have.

My two easy 7 milers this week, Wednesday and Sunday, were extended to 7.5 and 7.7 respectively. I didn't plan it that way its just the way the routes worked out.

Dinner plans with friends on Thursday and small group meeting on Friday precluded running or gym time for that matter. I snuck out at lunch time and ran my 8 miler that included 3x1 mile repeats. Instead of driving over to the dam I ran straight out the front gate. Doing it this way saves quite a bit of time. It takes nearly a 30 minutes round trip to drive back and forth to the dam. The 8 mile run only took 70 minutes. I don't think I was missed at all, except that one of the management team saw me leaving. I've heard he spend some of his lunch hours at the gym.

Saturday's long run was threatened with rain. It seems to have rained or threatened rain very frequently in the last couple of months. We get so spoiled with beautiful weather most of the time, the rain is getting a little old. But I know eventually it is going to be in the 90's with no relief in sight and we'll be wishing for some rain. The CA Cruisers met for a run on the Santa Ana River Trail. We had a pretty big turnout today with a couple of new comers as well. There were at least 25 of us.

It was cloudy but not raining when we started. I wore my baseball cap just in case. We had about a half dozen rain drops around mile 4 and then the sun broke through the clouds for a few miles. I was running with Terry and the girls. Carol and Jamie turned back at the 5 mile point. Jeanne talked Terry into continuing on to 6 miles. I was planning 15 total so I was in for the long haul.

Around mile 9 I was cooked. I couldn't really explain why. I'd felt so good last week on the 20 miler and here I was wondering if I'd even make it back for the 12 mile round trip. I seriously considered calling it quits at 12. When we got back Terry and Jeanne were done. I was beginning to feel a little better and knew that I'd be upset with myself later for giving up, so I headed off on my own for the last 3 miles to make it 15 (2:32). I got it done, but I was beat. I'm still not quite sure why. The rain held off until the afternoon and evening, hurray!

45.2 miles for the week, a tab bit over plan. Next week should be a breeze with only 32 miles on the docket. Only 2 weeks until the 25th running of the Los Angeles Marathon. There's quite a bit of buzz about it on Twitter. I'm getting kind of excited for it, even though it wont' get me a state.

In other exciting news I may get to run as part of a team for the Ragnar Relay from Ventura to Dana Point. When I'd gotten the flyer I was interested but didn't think anyone else would be. I found out this weekend that a Cruiser I haven't seen in a while has a team going and has an opening so I may join in on the fun. I've read lots of posts about relays and everyone seems to have fun, exhausting fun, but fun. We'll see what happens.


Joe said...

I'd guess the fatigue was just residual from the solid 20 last week. Don't sweat it... you are really setting up well, Darrell.

Glad the small group is intact!

And more races to plan... shoot, that is fun!!

Have a good week... I'm guessing, with your travel history, a 10 minute delay one day at lunch won't harm your reputation!

NY Wolve said...

15 is still a great run. I've been there and haven;t even made it that far. When I start thinking about bailing on a run, I usually do it early and then pull the plug.

Jean said...

I've had friends do the Ragnar Relay (the Minnesota version) in years past. All accounts are that it is a really good time!

Sarah said...

45 miles is a good week! Glad you didn't get rained on.

institute of lraqi scholars & academician said...

thank you very much

Annette said...

That mileage is lookin' good! Keep up the good running!

Keep us posted on the Ragnar possibility. I was on a team for one in WA - then I sprained my ankle a couple days before and couldn't run it. But, my team thought is was a great run!

Dori said...

Good luck with the L.A. Marathon. It looks like an interesting course. Twenty-five years ago, my overweight boss set a goal to run the L.A. Marathon. I watched the pounds melt off of him as he trained. He must have dropped 10 waist sizes. That was long before marathons were part of my consciousness, but I always remembered that he ran the first. It's on my list of marathons.I hope you enjoy it.

Wes said...

I agreez with Joe... You are more than ready to rest up and kick some butt...