Friday, March 12, 2010

Variations on a Theme

Thank goodness for taper weeks. No more trying to fit in a 7 to 10 miler midweek in the dark. I just find it difficult to wrap my head around getting out the door for those miles in the winter months. The taper week called for nothing but 4, 5 and 6 miles. Funny that 6 is doable but 7 seems so far.

I usually try to vary my routes on a daily basis but this week, all three runs were on the same basic route. I used the equestrian path in Via Verde as much as possible. Tuesday I ran a 5 mile out and back. Wednesday I covered the same ground, a little less of it though, for my 4 miler. Last night I started at a different spot on the route for my 6 miler that included hills covering some of the same ground from the previous two nights and adding on a couple of the hilly extensions. My go to 3-5 mile route is in the valley between two hills in the Via Verde neighborhood. The rest of the neighborhood is one big up or down hill run. It would be a terrible place to have to learn to ride a bike for a little kid.

One last long-ish run on this weekend of 10 or 12 miles and then next week I even get an extra rest day before the LA Marathon. Time to start checking the weather forecast.


Joe said...

Great taper...enjoy.

I'm already tracking weather... says lows of 50 when we start, heading for 68, with full sun. I'm planning on wearing tube sox on my arms and dumping them along the way.

See the race sold we'll be there with 25,000 of our closest friends!!

Sarah said...

Hope you get great running weather for the race!

Once I get past getting up tomorrow for work I'll be glad for more light in the evenings too. :)

Scott McMurtrey said...

The sun has returned for all of us after-work runners!

Wes said...

The hard work has been done! Now you are keeping the body poised and ready and the mind sharp! The minimum necessary to get the job done is the way to go! Enjoy!!