Sunday, August 16, 2009


My 6 miles easy this morning capped of the biggest week of the training cycle. And what a week it was:
M: 6 miles easy (I threw in some hills in Bonelli)
T: Rest
W: 10 miles with 10 x 800m (400 jogs)
H: 6 miles easy
F: Rest
S: 22 miles (long run)
S: 6 miles easy

Total mileage for the week was 50. 50 is that number I strive to hit. I've gotten to 50 a few times before and either on the way there or soon there after I end up hurt. This time around I am happy to report that all systems are go. From here on into the marathon things are on a downward sloping trend; less miles per week, less intensity, shorter long runs. Taper time!!


Wes said...

Woooooo! :-)

Backofpack said...

There's a reason to celebrate Darrell! Yay!

Jean said...

All right! Way to go, Darrell. Enjoy your taper, and continued success with your training!

Joe said...

Darn cool. Touch 50, slope to the "slopes" of central Missouri!

Whaddaya think of the race-day plan I emailed you?? Or even our blueberry rolls??

Anonymous said...

Hey, I hit 50, too. 50 kilometers, that is! Congratulations on an injury-free milestone!