Wednesday, August 19, 2009


On tap today was 8 miles. The grid in the book said: 8 mi, mile repeats. The notes afterward mentioned 12 x 400's. Something didn't jive here. Was I supposed to run mile repeats or 400's? There's quite the big difference there. I consulted the version of the schedule from Runner's World. It confirmed the mile repeats: 3 x 1 mile @ 10K pace w/400 meter recovery, Total 8 miles with warm up and cool down. A good editor is a valuable asset.

I checked back in my log and found that I ran 4 x 1 mile repeats two weeks ago at 7:52 pace. That was my goal tonight. I headed straight over to the San Gabriel River Trail right after work. After the warm up, I ticked of the 3 x 1 miles at a much faster pace than expected. 7:33, 7:31 & 7:34. Cool!

The entire 8 miles took me 1:10:44 for an overall pace of 8:50 (7:33 for the mile repeats, 9:36 for the rest).

This is in comparison to the easy 7 miler I ran the night before in 1:12. Almost the same time overall, at a slower pace of 10:17.

Tomorrow I will finally get that rest day that got pushed out from Monday. I'm accompanying my wife to a David Cook concert.


Legs and Wings said...

Hey, you're flying right along. Great to see you picking up speed. You're nearly a rock star now.

FLYERS26 said...

Nice pace!!
I need to do more speed work.

Wes said...

Have fun at the concert! I am still jealous of your pace!!

Nick said...

Great job on the mile repeats.

Hey, I am going to be out your way after Javelina in October. We'll have to meet up for a very slow run.
Any info on things to do out there just let me know.