Friday, August 28, 2009


I did manage to get myself up and out this morning. I was up a little after 4:30 and running soon after 5:00. The last significant workout is now history. 6 miles with hills.

I could see stars in the sky, so I took that as a good sign about the air quality. At the bottom of the hills the air was cool, but it warmed up noticeably as I climbed. One nice thing about running that early is not having to wait for traffic at the lights. It was interesting that the lack of light gave a whole different depth contrast to the slightly rutted trail up the hill. And as a bonus on the last trip up and down the hill it was light enough to spy 7 little bunnies for a BPM of 1.17.

I made it home and into the shower about the same time I would normally get up and get in. The morning run was a fun little diversion, but I think I will still remain an after work runner for the most part.


Donald said...

Way to get it done, Darrell. The thing I like about those runs is that the worst parts (early wake-up, starting in the dark and cold, etc) are over with first, and I end up feeling better about the run - and my decision to wake up insanely early - with each passing mile.

runliarun said...

Oh, I could not do it after work. Morning runs are so much better for me - cool and fresh and suffused by that magical sunrise light. After work I cannot find enough motivation anymore. The drawback is the alarm rings when sleep is the sweetest and and I am chronically sleep-deprived.