Saturday, August 01, 2009


The 20 miler.

Terry had something significantly less on her calendar, so she planned to run elsewhere. The CA Cruiser planned on running Back Bay in Newport Beach. That loop is about 11 miles with the option of extending the run on the San Diego River Bike Trail. I would likely be running alone so I opted to head to the old standard long run route on the bike path at Huntington Beach. It is tried and true with ample amenities (read - bathrooms).

I'm happy to report that other than 4 stops to use the aforementioned amenities, the run went superbly well. Although I ran alone there are plenty of others out on the path logging their own scheduled miles. Besides I had Paul Wright, Brandon Boyd, Mike Shinoda, Sonny Sandoval and Rob Beckley to keep me company. Near mile 15 I ran into Tom, a local and frequent runner on the bike path. I've run into before in HB. Today we ran together for about a mile.

I used the 5:15/0:45 run:walk schedule that we used last weekend in San Fran. I started out on the slower side with some 10:30 miles but by the time I was at Mile 16 and on I was pretty consistently knocking them off in 9:40 to 9:50 pace. It is always good to finish strong.

I made it to the end with "gas in the tank" and not completely spent. The conditions were pretty darn near perfect for a long run on August 1st in SoCal. The sun didn't make an appearance until I was finished and the temps are always cooler at the beach. This long run will serve me well in Missouri.

After the run, Lisa and Tyler drove down and met me. We drove over the the HB pier and had breakfast at Ruby's Diner out on the end of the pier and then spent the afternoon soaking up the sun on the beach.

A good long run and a good day.


Wes said...

A good long run and a good day.

I would say so. Very nice :-)

Joe said...

Darrell, this is very, very sound indeed. It's been a while since you've had a good run of this length. To hear of these times and feeling strong at the end is very, very positive.

I like your run/walk split too...that seems to work well for you on the long runs.

One more long one for you before HOA, right??

Just for grins...I'm typing this, sitting under a shade tree on a picnic table outside a tiny public library in Ephraim, Wisconsin. Looking out on Eagle Harbor, off of Green Bay, off of Lake Michgan. Blue sky, sea gulls, temp of about 73, no humidity. And I'm not at work. Not much better than this...

jeff said...

well done, darrell! it's always great to finish a long run with gas in the tank. it lets you know that you'll be able to tackle the race distance AND it means you won't be relegated to the couch for the rest of the day. ;)