Sunday, August 30, 2009


Another Sunday calls for the weekly tally of the miles. 32. Quite the drop on the graph from the 50 miles two weeks ago.

At this point all the work is done. I've been through this taper thing enough times before but it is still an odd experience. After the continual build in mileage and intensity for weeks to step back is unnerving. Calories pile up faster than they can be worked off. Tics, twinges and aches pop back up that seemed to have been in check during the hard work. Why they show up now in the easy weeks will always be an unsolved mystery.

Only 8 days to race day. The Heart of America will be my first Monday marathon. Some day I'll make it to the starting line of that other famous Monday Marathon. I've run a 5K on Monday, July 4 in 2005 and a half marathon on Memorial Day in 2007. I'll have to be on the lookout for a Monday 10k to round out the series.

Next week's schedule is either Rest, Easy or Very Easy and then it's off to the Heart of America. There are currently 182 intrepid souls signed up. There are 5 other Californians making the trip. There's still time to sign up. Only $25 registration! You can even sign up race morning for those of you with commitment issues. See you there!


Joe said...

And I only saw one entrant from I may have a better chance winning the state championship than you do!

Calories...yeah... and strawberry/ rhubarb pie for dessert tonight didn't help. Tell Lisa that's the best part of the Midwest :-)

T minus 7 and counting, bro.

FLYERS26 said...

best of luck with the monday race, and tapering