Wednesday, August 05, 2009


See what happens when you break a streak or a good habit. When I first broke my blog streak I took rest days away and then a trip out out town away and now I've been 3 days with no bloggin' and I've been right here all along, even running once without a corresponding entry.

So to play catch up quickly and succinctly - I moved things around a bit. Monday is usually a rest day but I ran an easy 8 miler on the San Gabriel River Trail right after work. I stopped on the way home, parked at the dam and headed south from there. I've been running the north end of the trail regularly lately so it was a nice change of pace. But one asphalt bike path is pretty much the same as the next.

I pushed this run up to Monday because Tuesday I had an appointment with my trainer, freshly returned from his Hawaiian holiday. It rained the day he planned to surf, but he did get to deep sea fish and caught a 200 lb. marlin; pretty exciting. I felt like a work out with him and an 8 miler would be too much. We worked back and biceps. I actually had a little vein poppage on my skinny little arms, pretty cool.

Today was another easy run. Seven miles on the horse trails around Walnut. Nothing out of the ordinary to report. A few little twinges here and there, but nothing that some ice and rolling shouldn't take care of.

Tomorrow is the mile repeats. Let's hope it goes better than last Thursday's speedwork.

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Lauren said...

Funny I stumbled upon your blog. I just had to comment, because I grew up in Covina. I was not a true runner back then, meaning, I didn't love it. I used to run with my Dad up San Jose, to one of those streets by the libary, then up Citrus to that street that turns into Covina Hills Road, then we'd run down Badillo back to San Jose, or some version of that. It certainly measured less than 5 mi. I ran only to keep in shape for other things, and I didn't do it often. I really admire your quest for a marathon in every state. I could get into that. Wishing you success, from a former Covinian (lol).