Sunday, August 02, 2009


It is August 2 so, it is time to take stock of last month's mileage. I ended July with 164.7 miles. Needless to say that is the highest mileage in months, in years really. I haven't come close to that since the first quarter of 2007. I'm amazed and thankful.

I ended Week 9 of HOA training with 43 miles on 5 days running. The marathon pace workout on Thursday could have gone better. On the other hand, the 20 mile long run on Saturday couldn't have gone better. Getting back to my old long run pace would be nice but hey, one thing at a time.

This morning I ran 4 miles easy in Bonelli just like on Tuesday. I thought for a minute or two about upping the run to 6 miles to make up for the 2 miles I copped out on on Thursday. But I came to my senses. The miles would have served no purpose other than to allow me to write 45 miles in the box at the end of the week instead of the 43 I did write in. Two miles, 5 weeks out from the marathon, will make little difference in the outcome in Missouri.

Later in the morning I made it back to the gym on my own concentrating on chest and triceps. I threw in some ab and leg work too for good measure. Later in the day I took a walk on the Sunday Bonelli 5 Mile Loop. 1.25 BPM and 0.6 BPM, morning and afternoon, respectively.

The mileage just continues to ramp up next week. The speed session is mile repeats. I enjoy those.


Jason The Running Man said...

Amazing mileage man! Awesome!

Wes said...

You're comeback has been truly inspirational. I'm not sure a fractional bunny per mile is a good thing :-)

p.s. Way to not give into the junk miles...

Joe said...

Solid month. Very solid.

And I concur with Wes (as usual)... good move not to give in to junk miles.

Anne said...

Wow, that's a lot of miles. And you're still smiling!

Congratulations on the high mileage month. And glad you enjoyed that NYT blog post on happiness as much as I did.

Nick said...

Great job. You are steadily moving up in your training.