Saturday, June 06, 2009


Woke up at 6:00 to go pee. Decided that was too early to get started on the run so I laid back down. Didn't wake up again until 9:00. I haven't slept that long in quite a while. My Dad asked if I was going to run. My comment was that I should be almost done by now and I hadn't even started yet. I had some oatmeal and a cup of coffee before heading out on my run.

I headed on over to the North Coast Inland Trail. I love that the trail is known as "the skinniest park in Lorain County." I jumped onto the trail in Kipton at the 2 mile mark and headed northeast. The first mile was 9:40, the second and third with just over 9:00. I needed to slow down, but once I'm in a rhythm I am pretty powerless to change it. The mile markers disappeared after that. I'd run for about 57 minutes when I came to an intersection that had a trail sign. I tried to mentally add up all the trail segments (from Rte 511 to Oberlin Road) and figured I run at least 6 miles.

I turned around at that point and headed back. I had a nice breeze on the way back that kept the heat level in check. It was too late to be running and the sun was shining brightly. Once I hit the mile markers I found that my pace had slowed due to fatigue with the last three being: 10:02, 10:13 and 10:48. This is really the pace I should have been all along.

Back home I g-mapped the route and determined I ran 12.5 miles in 1:57; 9:26 pace overall.

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Wes said...

A good run AND a good nights sleep? Priceless :-)