Thursday, July 02, 2009


Apparently I've got the easy part down on the 5 miles easy that Yasso recommended today. The clock read 54:46. Ah... well, just following the plan.

My chosen 5 mile route was the Cottontail route in Bonelli. It is named because of my son singing Peter Cottontail as he accompanied on the bike a couple of summers ago in response to all the little bunnies on the trail.

Since I was on Cottontail I thought I'd try my hand at a something Jean does and calculate my BPM (bunnies per mile). How could I not come up with a pretty good ratio on the Cottontail route.

Only about half the route is on the trail the rest is on the road. Once I hit the trail it was a good while before the first bunny spotting. Two pretty close together and then nothing again up to the turn around point. On the way back I saw two bunnies in the same spot. For all I know they may have been the same two I saw on the way out. I'm not sure if repeat rabbits count. I''ll have to ask Jean for a ruling on that one. Later I saw two more for a final tally of 6 bunnies or 1.2 BPM. If you only count the trail part, where I actually saw all the little cottontails, I'd get a more respectable 2.4 BPM.


Wes said...

bunnies per mile? ROFL... have a great weekend!!!

Lisa said...

ok, that is pretty stinking funny! What you have to do to keep yourself entertained while you

Jean said...

A BPM of 1.2 is outstanding. 2.4 is unbelievable! Most days I struggle to get over 1. My best ever is 1.75 BPM, and that was actually on a 12 mile run. Bunnies everywhere! :)

Keep up the great work, Darrell, and have a wonderful holiday weekend!

Anne said...

I seem to be reading a lot about bunnies on the trails these days. I like your counting system.

jeff said...

you should run with us in el moro some morning. we get something in the area of 30+bpm on certain trails.