Wednesday, July 01, 2009


I neglected to give the monthly mileage tally yesterday. June was 129.3 miles. This was the highest mileage this year. That is easy to believe, what is harder to believe is I haven't run that kind of monthly mileage since August 2007.

Today called for the hilly 7 mile run. Back over to the route from 2 weeks ago I went.

Out the flat section of Via Verde
Up the long Via Verde hill (7:48)
Down the Via Verde hill (6:20)
up and down through the neighborhood on Via Palomares and Calle Cecelia
Out the flat section of Via Verde
Back up the Via Verde hill (8:07)
Back down the Via Verde hill (6:21)
Right back up Via Verde hill (8:23)
Right back down Via Verde hill (5:45)
and finally back out the flat section of Via Verde

The ups were a bit slower than two weeks ago but the downs were faster. Overall my time was 2 minutes faster than that run two weeks ago.

One cool thing happened on this run. About half way up the long hill the second time around a fit women was on her way down the hill. She gave me a thumbs up and a "Looking good" or "Good job." I cant' recall her exact words. My mind went blank for a second as I said "Thanks!" and smiled from ear to ear without breaking stride.


Wes said...

129 miles eh? That's pretty awesome. I think my highest mileage month ever was like 80 or something like that.

Anne said...

I love chance encounters from an encouraging stranger -- just like you experienced AND DESERVED. She's right, of course.