Tuesday, July 21, 2009


When I finally returned home from my run tonight around 8:30 p.m. the following conversation occurred:

Me: "10 miles sure is a long way to run on a week night."
Wife: "It is. So why did you go that far?"
Me: "Because the schedule said to."
Wife - rolls eyes
End of conversation!

10 miles MPW was on the paper. One mile warm up, 8 miles at marathon pace, 1 mile cool down. I'm still not completely clear on just what my marathon pace would be, but it seems that the MPW workout should be run at a pace a little more strenuous than a normal "easy" run. My typical pace on an easy day is 9:30 to 10:00 mpm so I settled on 9:00 miles as marathon pace.

After the mile warm up, I ratcheted things up but was having a difficult time settling into the faster pace. The first half mile at supposed MPW showed me to be still at 10:00 miles. I picked it up a little more. After the first mile I finally hit my groove and the 8 miles at MPW went down like this:
9:20, 9:02, 8:31, 8:47, 8:50, 8:47, 8:47 and 9:02

I had no trouble ramping back down to 10:00 pace for the last cool down mile.

In the end I got it done, but who runs 10 milers in the middle of the week after work? Its crazy. It pretty much takes up the whole evening. In 6 years of running I've only done it a couple of times and it was usually a long run I pushed into Friday or during a holiday week.

Except for the time commitment, it was a good run. I felt good. The old adage says - what doesn't kill you, will make you stronger. I'll go with that.


FLYERS26 said...

great job!
I do the same thing with my wife, while following my plan.

Danny said...

lol @ the schedule. ("the schedule commanded me to!")

the time commitment is always an issue for me. even on the weekends, as the long runs get longer, it really interferes with the day.

Backofpack said...

That old adage is what has me running my normal weekly schedule close on the heels of Sunday's marathon. I figure I'll end up with 46 for the week, and I immediately started trying to figure out how I could get it to 50!

Wes said...

I ran seven miles last Tuesday and it just about killed me!!! I long for the days of two 30 minute week day runs ;-)

Anonymous said...

Too funny! You're like me. If the paper says you have to do it, well, then, you have to do it! :) Nice work on the 10 miler!