Friday, July 24, 2009


A couple of days ago I shuffled things around a little because I was unsure of my runs this weekend. That isn't entirely true. I know what one of the runs is. The schedule says 20 but I'm only doing 13.1 on Sunday. I may try to throw in another short run on Saturday.

I running the First Half of the San Francisco Marathon. I signed up for this race way back in January, when at the time I didn't know if I could even run it. Happily things have worked out well. This is one of the destination races for the CA Cruisers. I'm flying up this morning with my wife. Terry and John from our Paso Robles trip and meeting another couple, Mike and Carole. Terry, Mike, Carol and I are all running the First Half together purely for the fun factor. Our plan is to take our cameras and take our time. While we're out running across the Golden Gate Bridge, twice, Lisa has signed herself up for the 5K. She'll walk it, but how cool is that.

We've lived in California for 26 years and this will be our first trip to San Francisco. I'm looking forward to it. I'm leaving the computer behind so I won't be back until W9D1 with a race report. Have a great weekend.


Wes said...

You guys have a fun and safe trip!

Joe said...

I can't believe you and Nancy Pelosi haven't been out to dinner in SF in all these years...oh my.

How cool to do that HM tomorrow!! Look forward to the report!!!

Tom said...

Running across the Golden gate Bridge sounds very cool - have fun!