Sunday, July 19, 2009


Gasp! Dead air space or in this case dead blog space. I didn't realize until I posted yesterday that I completely flaked out on Friday, W7D5. After 46 consecutive posts, I fell asleep, literally, on the job. Friday was a hectic day - work as usual, an unexpected visit from the in-laws, dinner, small group and prep for the long run. By 11:15 I was tired and anticipating the 4:30 wake up so off to bed I went. I never really intended to have a blogging streak but it was sort of fun to try to keep it going.

I ended the week with 41 miles. I've steadily increased my miles week by week from 1 mile 29 weeks ago. Today's run was an easy 3 miler. It was easy because it was "only" 3 miles. I was supposed to keep the pace easy too, but ended up with a 9:13 pace. Easy? I dunno.

I followed that up with a session with the personal trainer; chest and abs. It has been 10 days since my last session with him. It was good to be pushed a little.

Next week the midweek runs are crazy at 10 and 9, one with speedwork. I'm changing the end of the week up a bit from the prescribed 20 miler. I think I'll be fine without it. I've still got another 20 and 22 miler in the works and the change of plans should be a lot of fun.

W8D1 is a scheduled rest day. So now that the streak is broken I'll be back on W8D2 unless something really earth shattering happens.


Wes said...

41 miles twice as much as I did. Huge! We'll forgive you for this one slip up... Geesh... ;-)

Donald said...

The broken streak is inevitable, of course - and probably better for you in the long run. No worries.

Backofpack said...

Nice weekly mileage! You are definitely back in the game.

runliarun said...

41 miles? Wow! I tried to figure out if you are preparing for a race and which. There is a blue marker on your map. That one?

scott keeps running said...

Nice week. :)

I'm finally getting my miles up again too. It sure feels good.