Tuesday, July 28, 2009


A pic of our little entourage the day before the race and some picks of the Golden Gate Bridge during the race. I'm in the third pic wearing my long sleeve light blue shirt from the Rocket City Marathon, December 2007.
I neglected to mention that Lisa finished the 5K on Sunday while they rest of us were out running the bridge. She walked the 5K in 52:26. I think it was pretty awesome that she got involved like that.
Today I was back to following the miles laid out for me by Mr. Yasso. By the way, I stopped by his booth at the expo and talked to him a little about the schedule. I made sure to tell him about completing the 8 x 800 just a couple of days before. He wasn't aware of the Heart of America Marathon and asked me to let him know how it goes. I'll have my people call his people, Ha!
My new fave 4 miler is out the trail on the west side of Bonelli and then onto the road over the dam and back on Raging Waters Drive. The bunny tally was 12 for a nice round 3.0 BPM. I saw something tonight I hadn't seen in quite a while in the park. I turned a corner on the trail and came upon pack of four coyotes. Luckily they scurried off into the brush. As I continued on past where they disappeared I hoped they stayed put. I had the distinct feeling that if they wanted to the four of them together could easily have turned me into Ken-L Ration.


Wes said...

I recognize that shirt :-) Gotz one just like it! Great pics, and glad you didn't end up coyote food!!

jeff said...

...or dar-l ration.

FLYERS26 said...

Loved the old commercial!
Good stuff