Sunday, July 12, 2009


Week 6 of HOA training concluded with an easy 4 miler this morning in Bonelli. I encountered 19 rabbits for an outstanding 4.75 BPM. Running the trails in the morning had to help that ratio out significantly.

The week ended with 35 miles in 5 days of running including the much fretted about hill repeats.

Next week things get interesting with a couple of pretty long runs mid week, one with the majority of the miles at marathon pace and another with 3 miles of speedwork. Determining the marathon pace will be an interesting exercise. The speedwork gives no other details than to cover a total of 3 miles during the speed session. These are the details that will keep my mind churning up until I actually hit the road for these workouts.

Tomorrow its back to the full time job and back to running after work rather than whenever the running muse hit me. Its a tough life.

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Wes said...

I saw a rabbit the other day while riding my bike. He/she almost made a bad decision to dart out in front of my bike before going the other way. Evidently, rabbits are smarter than squirrels :-)