Wednesday, July 29, 2009


I fell asleep in the family room chair and woke up just in time to get this posted before I turned into a pumpkin.

Seven miles, easy pace, on the dirt path that winds through the city of Walnut. I managed to make it past the first park bathroom this time around but did stop at the second one.

After dinner I forced myself off to the gym. I put off going Monday morning in SF and last night back home after the easy 4 miles. I worked out back and biceps. My trainer is still off in Hawaii. He was the best man in a wedding on Saturday and now I'm sure he's teaching himself how to surf. Hawaii is another one of those places I've haven't been to yet in my life. I will make it eventually for this or this. I may even learn how to surf.

Off to bed before the horses turn into mices.


Anne said...

I'm summing up all of my comments on the past posts into one, here. Sure looks like you had a grand time in SF and I'm amazed at how you barely missed a beat in your HOA training. Very cool too that you got to talk to Yasso himself. Maybe he'll give HOA a plug in an upcoming Runner's World.

runliarun said...

You sound as sleep-deprived as I am.

robtherunner said...

Nice job forcing yourself to the gym! It took me awhile to figure out your title. I had to scan back a few posts.