Wednesday, July 15, 2009


Normally with 3 miles on the schedule I would have headed over to the equestrian trail in Via Verde but since half of it has now been converted to concrete I had to rethink my easy 3 mile route. It didn't take me too long to settle on a route in Bonelli. Surprising, I know.

I liked the old 3 miler for the dirt surface to run on, so the trails made good sense. I ran some of the trails I use infrequently. After getting into the park I headed out the Treeline Trail that goes over the ridge that intersects the picnic loop. At the end of that I crossed over the main street and jumped onto the Parkview Trail, one of the few single track trails in the park. That put me onto the Middlecrest Trail and eventually onto the fire road that leads up to the small reservoir. The fire road is the beginning and ending of my usual 5 mile loop. I paused for a minute or two on the fire road to watch a red tail hawk flying from tree to tree. I think it was the biggest one I'd ever seen, the wing span was easily 5 feet. The BPM for the run was 4.66.

The route is gently rolling, but on dirt. I took in easy in light of last night's marathon pace workout and the speed work slated for tomorrow. That is going to be fun.

After the run, we had take out Chinese for dinner and then a little later I headed off to the gym and did some chest and tricep work on my own.


FLYERS26 said...

I really enjoy running on the trails. I do it just about every Saturday, and I think it has helped me become a better runner.

Wes said...

With all those bunnies, its no wonder the hawks are around :-)