Wednesday, June 03, 2009


Yesterday's weather was beautiful, today's was So Cal June Gloom at his fullest. We even had rain, an actual bonafide thunder shower. I sit outside on a patio at work most days with several coworkers for lunch. One of the lightning flashes hit so close and exploded into thunder almost immediately that we all jumped.

The rain continued on into the afternoon. It was pretty light and wouldn't affect my planned run later in the evening. The problem was the thunder and lightning continued on until well into the afternoon. When a coworker left work they cautioned me about running outside. They'd just heard a report of a women getting struck by lighting at an outlet mall about 60 miles east of us.

The weather subsided sufficiently that I got my planned 4 miler in after work, outside. I texted my coworker "4 miles and no lightning strike." 24 hours after yesterday's leg work out I could really feel the effects on this run.

More foam rolling is in order. Now I've got to pack up my suitcase for the third time in 5 weeks for a long weekend trip back to OH for my oldest niece's high school graduation.

Today was National Running Day. I hope you were able to get your run on today.


Wes said...

*gasp* complaining about the weather in California? ;-)

Danny said...

I'm just reading for the creative titles...