Wednesday, June 10, 2009


This time of the year most of the mornings are grey and overcast. The phenomenon is caused by the clouds coming inland off the ocean; known by the meteorologists as marine layer or on-shore flow. The mornings are cloudy, but the sun usually takes over before noon. We call it May Grey and June Gloom. Today was the mother of all June Gloom days. I don't think the sun ever peeked through. We ate our lunch on the patio at work in the gloom and I drove home and then ran in the gloom as well. I really don't mind it. It makes for good running weather. Although for the most part I am a sun worshipper.

For my 4 miler I was back in Bonelli, heading out on the trail that goes north along the west side of the park and then back on the road from the dam. After the run I went to In-n-Out Burger to pick up dinner for the family and to celebrate my return to SoCal. If you've ever had a burger and fries from In-n-Out you'd agree that it was a good choice.

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Anonymous said...

We're having our share of June gloom right now, too. I'm getting tired of the clouds, but I do appreciate cooler running. Hoping that sun breaks out again soon!