Saturday, June 27, 2009


Lisa and I have dinner with Mike and Maria several times a year. Our youngest sons grew up together. They were in the same sports league but on opposing teams. The boys went to different schools starting in junior high and sort of went their own separate ways but we parents have stayed friends even now that the boys are a year out of high school.

Mike and Maria have both run at times. so they understand my mindset when it comes to that discipline. Mike is mostly into pick up basketball and bike riding now. He and I have talked about getting together for a ride one day. Back in December we made tentative plans for a ride in the spring. One thing or another kept postponing it until finally this weekend, technically summer, we made it out for the ride.

I rode the street bike with the only issue being achy shoulders. The ride from Azusa to Seal Beach was about 35 miles and took us about2.5 hours. We met our wives in Seal Beach for breakfast at the River's End Cafe at mile marker 00.00. It seemed to be a favorite hang our for bikers and the food, at least breakfast food, was pretty good.

It was a beautiful morning for a ride and a beautiful day at the beach but we loaded the bikes into the car and headed back home before noon.

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Anne said...

I love friendships like that that last beyond the kids, don't you? Hey, if you find a cure for that shoulder ache, let me know. I admit that while everything else is working perfectly, I still come home with a similar ache.